Design Process

The best gardens are thoughtfully designed, well crafted, diligently maintained and regularly edited.

We work with you through the entire process of creating your garden. We develop a customized garden plan, introduce you to Landscape Contractors who build your garden. Additionally, we oversee the project during installation, procure and place plants prior to planting. As your garden matures, we can assist you with garden editing and share garden resources with you. We want your garden to bring you closer to nature, inspire and relax you for many, many years.


What to expect:

Lilyvilla Gardens is a landscape design studio focused on creating outdoor spaces that function more as environments. Our goal is to design spaces that affect people in positive ways. We tend toward simple, clean designs that are complex enough to engage and simple enough to calm. Materials, architecture and the design process excite us. We strive to ‘think outside of the box’ to create uniquely designed outdoor spaces that you’ll absolutely love.

Are we a good fit?

Initially, we need to determine whether or not we are a good designer-to-client match. Do we share a similar aesthetic and/or vision for the space? Do we communicate well? Are our expectations of one another realistic? Is the scope of the project a good fit for our current schedule? Can we accomplish the scope of the project within your ideal timeframe? Is the scope of the project work that we do? For example, we typically do not design plantings without also designing hardscape.

Agreement should we choose to work together:

You agree to be responsive and to provide feedback in a timely manner throughout the design process so as not to slow the design process and thus completion of the scope of the project. We agree to be open and communicative throughout the design process. Please talk to me if you’d like to change the scope of the project or you choose to change the design direction. You’ll receive a Design Proposal which includes fee schedules and other agreements.

The design development phase

We analyze and measure the site, sketch and draft possible garden concepts and finally create a garden plan.

The design concept (idea which drives the design), physical site conditions, your goals for your outdoor environment and the project budget are assimilated into the design development phase. The concept can be thought of as a picture frame that holds all of the garden elements inside; the hardscape design and material selection, plant selection, garden elements such as water, fire, furniture and art. Each element affects and effects the next. 

You can expect us to show you different schematic or conceptual sketches which present you with new ways of experiencing your outdoor space. You’ll see hardscape, planting beds, view corridors, the placement of garden elements-fire, water, built structures, structural plantings, (such as trees and hedges),  included on the sketches.

We’ll ask for your feedback and revise our sketches. We’ll finalize material selection for hardscape and other built elements and draft a garden plan. You can expect the design development phase to take 6 weeks or more of interaction back and forth.

Estimating and Bidding the installation of your garden

We’ll invite Landscape Contractors to meet with us, review the project and prepare an estimate for you. Once you and your contractor have chosen to work together, we’ll communicate with the contractor through the installation process and make site visits to answer questions and solve issues as the arise.

Planting Plan Development 

We create a detailed planting plan which includes each and every plant to be planted in your garden. Depending on the level of detail, the development of the planting plan can take 2 weeks or more. 

Plant Procurement 

We order and arrange delivery for your garden plants.

Plant Placement 

On planting day/s we’ll place each plant prior to planting. We do our very best to get each plant in the best position. However, some editing is necessary as gardens mature. It is important to understand that garden design is an art form that takes time and patience for the intended impact and effect to occur. 

Garden Maintenance 

Your garden needs regular maintenance. We can refer you to local gardeners to help you or maintain your garden for you. Garden evolution is continual and to be expected. Your garden will need weeding, mulching, watering, pruning at the appropriate time per plant, mowing, etc.