Designing uniquely modern gardens and landscapes since 2003, Lilyvilla Gardens located in Portland, Oregon, specializes in connecting: person to place, architecture to garden and garden to native landscape. Inspired by distinctive architecture, big ideas and thinking outside the ‘box’, our goal is to create unique outdoor environments; a dialogue between person, architecture and place with appropriate restraint and boldness resulting in emotional resonance and a sense of belonging.

Signatures of Lilyvilla Gardens are unique transitions of space, modern use of hardscape materials ranging from mild steel to re-purposed fir, custom furniture and structures as well as bold yet simple plant combinations that are lower-maintenance and water-wise. We begin the design process by actively listening to our clients, assessing the garden site and developing an overall concept, an idea or mental picture, which becomes the essence of the design. This conceptual model drives the design which is then transformed into a custom garden that reflects your personality, lifestyle and fits the context of your home and its natural surroundings.



Lauren began studying her environment as a young, quiet child. Playing games of visual acuity and memory such as noting the fonts, color and graphics on business signs while riding past them, designing and re-arranging her elementary school principal’s office and drawing countless blueprints for her dream house. Lauren was fortunate to have a mother who exposed her to some of the best museums and galleries which became the framework for her visual education. Lauren’s grandmother exposed her to the plant world through trips to nurseries, her greenhouse full of semi-tropicals and travels to Mexico. After many years, a liberal arts degree studying psychology and art, work in sales and the trades, Lauren discovered the field of Landscape Design. Daunted by the task of learning Latin but passionate about plants and creating spaces that nurture and inspire people, she read every book, magazine and journal she laid her hands on. First she planted a vegetable garden, then enrolled in the Master Gardener Program, then the Landscape Design Certificate program at PCC. In 2001, she found a mentor with whom she apprenticed until she completed her Landscape Design Certificate in 2003. Lauren is a member of HPSO, ANLD, Portland Japanese Garden and PICA.

-Lauren Hall-Behrens | Owner/Principal



Sheryl received a BA from Portland State University where she studied international affairs, French, and art.  After graduation she focused her energies on interior and exterior design, renovating five homes with her husband in Portland.   The process of renovating structures had a natural evolution to the surrounding outdoor space, and through this, her interest in landscape design formed.  Sheryl has complemented her real world training with courses in design, CAD, landscape construction, horticulture, landscape lighting, and irrigation.  Sheryl has 12 years of experience in landscape design and construction, and loves helping people transform their gardens into beautiful places that work.  She is a member of the ANLD, APLD, and the HPSO.  Sheryl lives in NE Portland where she enjoys being active, gardening, and spending time with her family.

-Sheryl Eckrich | Designer